DAP Holding Board Chairman Dr. Ziya Yılmaz has stated: “We have confidence in our country and we are continuing with our investments with our strong financial structure."

We are developing projects in construction sector since the 90s. In order to create a difference, by adopting methods that can not be easily considered with courage, we are bringing them into life. In our projects in which each floor and even each flat is produced as being different from the other, not only the external front but also the interior spaces are also processed just like a jewelry. We are creating works that will amazing and which will be recalled as being a landmark in architecture.

None of the DAP projects can be evaluated in standard housing category. They bear quality and features, they attract attention with their originality and they are the most precious pieces of the window case.

Our target is to integrate with the world without giving up from our honest, innovative principled approach and to create similar ones of buildings which we stop and watch as we pass by when we are abroad, in our country. Our projects which we situated in the coastal area of Kartal Maltepe are development symbol of construction sector in Turkey in a way.

We are constructing the buildings of the future. DAP YAPI projects give direction to the sector with their superior qualities. Just like the works of Spanish architect Gaudi, they astonish you by coming in front of you suddenly as you move around the city. DAP projects which stand as coming out from fairy tales right next to the single type of buildings and which impress and create admiration, change the whole atmosphere of the place where they are situated.

Purchasing real estate properties from DAP Yapı projects turn into profitable investments with record premium rates. If we make the evaluation of our projects for the last final year and as we compare the starting figures with the current prices, we can clearly see that the earnings obtained from buying properties of our projects have left other investment tools far behind.

I recommend to our community to purchase tomorrow and not today and to own housing from projects aiming for future. Because we are purchasing today and 5 years later the fashion of these projects is coming to an end. Such buildings are being established 5 years later that you feel discomfort from living there. If you don’t want to feel such discomfort, you must take your place in different, boutique projects aiming for the future. In the long term, you can both make profit and feel proud as you are residing there.

With the strong financial structure and visionary architecture approach that we have, we are not creating structures but works in the regions where we are present. Until now we have taken each of our steps by thinking “How we can provide more value addition to our country”. Hereafter we will both continue to contribute for our country’s economy and to provide support to our country heading towards the future in each area and we will continue to take part in various projects which we believe shall provide the healthy housings and environment deserved by people.

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